Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Children Need Pets

My dad just sent me this video montage showing me why children need pets. I don't have children, but if I ever do, I promise I will get them a pet. Either a dog, or a cat. But not a fawn. That just doesn't look sanitary.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Car For Your Wife?

Wow, this is risky. I will now post a video from my dad that I haven't even viewed yet. Then again, what are the odds my dad would send me porn? (Really, really low, I would hope!)

He sent it to me without any explanation or commentary, so I sure hope the video is self-explanatory.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life of two, BEAUTIFUL

So far everything I've put online has been from my dad. Here's something from my mother. My dad goes online far more often than my mother, so for that reason alone this blog will feature more of his wisdom than hers.

The powerpoint presentation she sent me came with the one sentence you see below. I believe she's referring to a picture she took on a trip to Europe that featured two swans.

It looks like Google Docs will allow you to both link to documents, and to embed them. Tonight I will try the embedding method. We'll see how this works...


Really beautiful pictures. Wish I had gotten my swans together like these shown here.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cat & Deer

I haven't even taken a look at this video yet, but I'm posting it up anyways. After all, it is from my parents. My dad, to be specific. He's the one who sends me most of these things. =======================

This is one of the sweetest little videos I've ever seen even though it's grainy.


My dad just sent me another pearl of wisdom! Today's offering arrived with a subject line of "Sneakers" and is a video accompanied with the single word "CUTE".

After viewing it, I have to agree.

Still want a Smart car?

I've never actually wanted a Smart car, so I'm not sure why my dad sent to this me. I appreciate the warning nonetheless. ======================================

Below is a photo of a wreck in Jefferson Parish, LA (near New Orleans ) between two trucks and a Smart Car.

Think I'll pass on the Smart Car.

The Thousand Islands

My parents send me Powerpoint presentations every so often, but I'm unable to view them. I don't have Powerpoint installed on my computer, and I'm too lazy to download the free Powerpoint player. Thank God for Google Docs. I finally figured out that I can transfer the Powerpoint presentations they email me to Google Docs, and view them through their presentation program. Here's a slide show on the Thousand Islands my dad sent to me. There are some slides in here of very beautiful homes!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Space Shuttle landing: View from the cockpit

Just had to pass this on.

For my flying friends no explanation needed. For the non flying friends the following is information that should help understand what is going on and what to look for.

The video attached to this file is an impressive cockpit view of the landing of a space shuttle at Edwards AFB, California to Runway 22 (southwest direction). The view is through the cockpit window with a HUD (Head Up Display) superimposed in front of the window. The HUD makes it possible for the astronaut to look out of the space shuttle yet have the relevant information to fly and land in the space shuttle – altitude, speed, on course or not, wings level, etc. (no need to glance down at his instruments).

The video opens with the space shuttle flying in an easterly direction in preparation to land. There is some light conversation among the crew about a cloud cover - an undercast. You will see the undercast (clouds) at the bottom of the picture with the atmosphere giving off a faint color differentiation and then the darkening shades of blue to dark space.

One crewmember is backing up the flying astronaut by reminding him of the next events – important because there is little to no room for error as the space shuttle is one giant glider with no chance to add power or go around.

Just short of 3 minutes into the video one crewmember gives the flying astronaut a point when he should start a right turn for the runway. At about 3:10 in the video the astronaut is told he has the ‘needle’ centered referring to being on course. At about 3:46 the astronaut is told he is at the 90 – referencing the point in the pattern where he is to make a final 90 degree turn to line up with the runway.

Soon after the astronaut calls “Yeah we have the runway.” look at the upper right corner of the video to see the runway come into view. (The runway is 16,500 feet of cement - 3 miles long.)

The height above the runway makes for a steep descent by commercial airline operations – it is a 19-degree glide slope. A typical airline flies a 2.5 to 3 degree glide slope. Notice how fast the shuttle passes through altitudes and the high approach speed 200 knots.

At one point the flying astronaut makes the point that the wind is greater than anticipated and he knows that could make a difference in the remaining energy to reach the runway.

It is a great video to the end.

Koalas Pics During Fire - Amazing!

Koala's during Fire week, southeastern Australia.

Wild animals are begging water from passing cars b/c there is seriously no water in the affected areas.

See pix below.

These are wild koalas, not some wildlife park semi-tame animals.

The most amazing thing is ~ Koala's do not drink water ~ usually!

They get all their moisture from the Eucalyptus leaves they eat....