Sunday, July 27, 2014

PSA: Drownings are silent

PSA = Public Service Announcement.

I learned at a Red Cross class the other day that drownings are silent. You see plenty of movies and TV shows where drowning victims are splashing about and yelling and making a lot of commotion. So, many people are under the impression they'll hear it if someone is having trouble in a pool. The reality is, drowning victims can't make any noise. They can't yell and won't be able to move to splash or do anything else after a very short amount of time.

I just heard from a neighbor a 2-year-old drowned yesterday in a nearby backyard pool. I felt like mentioning this, but also knew it would appear harsh if it got back to the mother that this was my reaction. So I'll post here instead. Just remember this: Drownings are silent. That sounds memorable, doesn't it? Please pass it along to as many people as you know. And act accordingly. Watch your kids closely when they're in a pool or at the beach. Don't expect a loud noise will tip you off if your kid (or any adult, for that matter) is in trouble.

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