Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Virus--NO PRANK!

Wisdom often manifests itself in the form of sage advice:

With the holidays coming up and all the shipping of gifts, this may be very important to be aware of.....

New Virus--NO PRANK! This is worth passing along. With the holidays coming up, I can see where this could be a real problem. The newest virus circulating is the UPS/Fed Ex/USPS Delivery Failure.You will receive an e-mail from UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS along with a packet number.It will say that they were unable to deliver a package sent to you on such-and-such a date. It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached. DON'T TRY TO PRINT THIS. IT LAUNCHES THE VIRUS! Pass this warning on to all your PC operators at work and home. This virus has caused Millions of dollars in damage in the past few days. Snopes confirms that it is real.

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