Sunday, July 5, 2015

This is too funny

I met my husband on a BBS, which was what passed for the Internet before the Internet existed. I wonder if that's why my dad decided to blast out this joke today.


Daughter: "Daddy, I am coming home to get married. Take out your checkbook. I'm in love with a boy who is far away from me. I am in California and he lives in New York. We met on a dating website, became friends on Facebook, had long chats on Whatsapp, he proposed to me on Skype and now we've had two months of relationship through Viper. Dad, I need your blessings, good wishes, and a big wedding."

Father: "Wow! Really!! Then get married on Twitter, have fun on Tango, buy your kids on Amazon and pay through PayPal. And if you get fed up with your husband....sell him on Ebay."

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